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Curious Monki | Yoga, Spirituality + Wellness

Jul 30, 2020

We’ve finally made it!  After detouring with an episode on perfectionism (that’s well worth your time to listen to), Olena is back for the third and final episode of this incidental mini series. 

We show you, for a second time, how to use your home to deal with your problems. Listening to it a second time will help...

Jul 23, 2020

Perfectionism is when you're gripped by the feeling of having to do more and/or having to do it right.  There's no room for failure and there's an illusory set of high standards that you'll probably never meet....b/c perfectionism comes from the fear that you're not good enough or not lovable.  The ultimate fear of that...

Jul 18, 2020

People reveal themselves in everything that they create, including the home that you live in. From the color of your walls to how you keep your bathroom - your living space is a reflection of your inner life.

This is a coaching episode where I'm joined by Confidence Coach, Olena Gisys, and we teach you a coaching tool...

Jul 3, 2020

Laughter Yoga Teacher and fellow life coach, Erica Buchholz, is all about play nowadays but that's only because she she got sick (quite literally as well as metaphorically) of living the uptight academic life.

Today we get to hear her story of how she was able to go from a rigid life to one of laughter and play. 


Jun 29, 2020

For the times that it seems like the bad part will never end or the times that it feels like you're trying so hard but you're never going to get there - remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

You're in the process of transformation right now and because this process is the exact same for every change...